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Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Second Love - Le Creuset...

A couple weeks I did the unthinkable - I took an afternoon off from the 9to5 and decided to brave the hell that is the Orlando Prime Outlets. Truth be told, I was heading to the Millenia Mall's Crate and Barrel to find a stand for my Le Creuset pots but decided a diversion was in order - that diversion being a short Manolo fondling/try on session at Neiman Marcus Last Call and then I'd see where the wind would take me.

A couple years ago, I fell in love with my first Le Creuset pot which was a round dutch oven that I got for cheap at Home Goods. I had always seen them in use on Food Network and other cooking shows and these pots are top notch. I use mine over, and over, and over again. They have replaced my standard pots that I would buy before I became more knowledgeable about how the right tools can turn a dish from ordinary to fabulous. If I find a brand I work well with, I tend to stick with it. Also, before where I used to be matchy-matchy with my kitchen (Bec can tell you about the Apple phase during the Mark years), now it's all about my personality. While I use the red alot in my kitchen, I also love the Le Creuset Caribbean color. However, they are heavier than hell and my poor cabinets are feeling the pinch.

So, that day while trying on a pair of Manolos and wishing, just wishing, I could afford the $400 price tag, I decided to high tail it out of Neimans Last Call and head to Saks Off Fifth in the hope that my Stuart Weitzmans were on sale - plus next to Saks was the Le Creuset outlet, or so I thought as it's been a while since I went down that way. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, a familiar logo caught my eye and it was a sign advertising that the Le Creuset store opened up at the new Prime Outlets.

If anyone knows me, I tend to avoid tourist throngs but I will brave it for two things: Le Gourmet Chef (down in Lake Buena Vista Disney Hell) and Le Creuset. One quick turn down the avenue and my new adventure was waiting for me.

I found a few things of interest at the new outlets, i.e. Aldos, Starbucks, etc. but I was braving the tourist hell for one thing only - Le Creuset. I wandered through the store that was MUCH bigger than the other location behind Saks Off Fifth. The selection was amazing, the prices, comparable to what I could find online and the staff knew their product lines. That, in itself, was a big plus in my book. I have been lusting after a red skillet for a while, but I didn't want to spend a fortune. If you ever saw me in the store, I'm one of those whipping out the blackberry comparing prices on the Internet to make sure I'm getting a fabulous deal. Thankfully, the manager saw my over-zealousness and told me "Hold off until February - it's going on sale for 20% off". I did pick up a couple other things, one of which being a discontinued LC open square pot (mac & cheese anyone) and a sifter for when I bake and told him I'd be back.

Well, this week I'm going to brave the tourist throngs again on the hunt for the Red Skillet. I haven't decided which size yet, but my guess is that it will be like Goldilocks - not too small, not too large - just right. Also, they sent me a nice little reminder card and on the front was my Carribean grill that I've been holding off getting from Sur just yet. I want to see if it's comparable in price. So far Sur has been kicking Williams Sonoma's butt when it comes to price but will LC beat them - only time will tell.

Any way I look at it - my kitchen is slowly getting into the shape I want it to be, partially due to my lovely Le Creuset. Because no matter how bad I can butcher a dish, the Le Creuset saves the day!

For those visiting Orlando, make it a point to go to the Prime Outlets off of International Drive. One tip, just know when you are getting snowed and getting a deal. And, if you are a totally chef wannabe like yours truly, then make sure to visit the Le Creuset outlet. You won't be sorry!

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