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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back To The Daily Grind...

It felt so good to crawl into my bed the other night and sink into the covers after traveling. However, rousing myself OUT of those covers this morning was a fight to the finish. I did not want to leave the house.

I really need a vacation from my vacation - and one day off isn't gonna cut it.

In other news, Rome is hitting the big 40 20 *cough cough* in May and we're trying to figure out all the necessary balls to put into play to make sure he has one hell of a fabu birthday bash. As there are a bunch of other May babies in our group, well - cocktails are needed [I'll just not drink til May then - that sounds good right about now]. Now that means starting to do a guest list, pricing out airline tix, hotel info, car rental, savings galore, an OUTFIT, finding talent, did I mention OUTFIT - yeah - I have a one track mind. Thankfully it won't be arctic conditions in May (or at least I hope not). That could put a damper on the shoe situation.

I promised you photos and here's one that sums up our weekend perfectly:

This was ALL Rome's doing - all of it. Shots anyone?

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