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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner...

That is perhaps one of the best lines uttered by Patrick Swayze.

Say what you will, but I still check the gossip reports every so often - kinda like watching the news. You know you don't WANT to know but a part of you can't HELP but know. It's just one of those things.

And today, on PerezHilton it remarks about the sad state of affairs affecting Patrick Swayze and his bout with pancreatic cancer. Normally, I treat stories originally broken by the National Enquirer with a raised eyebrow and a "mmmm-hmmmmm", however when Perez posted the confirmation by Swayze's rep, that about floored me. Wow - just wow. My heart goes out to him.

I can't picture my 80s movies without the usual suspects - and that includes Patrick Swayze. I mean, besides the movies Ghost and Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze was often one of those actors who many people go "Oh yeah - he WAS in that". Remember him in The Outsiders? What about his performance in Road House (one of my personal favorites - his portrayal of the tough yet sensitive lead bouncer reminded me of BR in his Annies days)? And even in TV - North & South was one of those mini-series I remember my parents watching (and I wound up buying but sadly I haven't found the time to watch just yet). He's a fabulous actor, imo and I hope that he does indeed have more time than the doctors are saying he has.

And, yes, much like I do every year on Justine's anniversary, I will be watching Dirty Dancing as it was her favorite movie. However, when I watch it this time, I'm praying that cancer won't take one of her favorite actors as a casualty.

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