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Friday, June 13, 2008

My Confession: Impulse Buys Are Not The Answer...

Yesterday, I was telling my girlfriends:

My dear readers, I've failed you and failed oh so miserably. Here I am waxing poetic on the quality of shoes blah blah blah, going to pay down debt (even though my student loans are almost 70% paid off - hurrah!), trying to get the bills in check and I decide tonight to ONLY fondle the Max Studio shoes.

I got out late and decided to check out the Altamonte Mall's Macy*s and I looked through the shoe department - found nothing. Looked at clothes, decided to go through my closet this weekend for meetings on Monday and Tuesday. I browsed M.A.C. going "Eeeh - friends and family is this weekend - I'll just wait to get a couple things with my coupon." And then I figured "Crap, why don't I just go LOOK at Bakers and see what they got. It's 5 minutes and this way I can see those gladiators up close."


Lys + Shoe Store = TROUBLE

I walk in, find a pair of sandals that are cute and only $19.99 - fine for something trendy that might not last and as they are getting my size, I see the gladiators. Eeeh - they are cute but I decided that I liked the Max Studio shoes better. As I'm waiting, I see one of the salesgirls with the gladiators IN BROWN and they are sharp - so damn sharp.

I immediately sent my salesgirl on a mission to FIND those shoes in brown. She said that they didn't have them in 10 in brown but she'd check, just to be safe. Like a sign from above, she comes out bearing the brown gladiators in my size. Needless to say, the $19.99 sandals were NOT going home if I was buying these new ones at full price. The gladiator wearing chick told me that she had been wearing them all day and they are on their feet like crazy and she wasn't crippled in pain. That's a good sign. I said "But are they WELL made?? Seriously - be truthful" and, having dealt with me before, she assured me I won't be disappointed nor will they be coming back..

Behold my new lovelies...

Someone is going to be in trouble when I get up to Philly... :::heh:::

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