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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Reap What You Sow...

As I've said here, many trips that I've had as of late to Philly have involved get togethers, reunions, parties, etc. of friends from early years. One thing is curiously absent from many of these gatherings and that is The Show producer (who a friend of ours once 'affectionately' dubbed "Big Brother" and I now will deem BBB aka Big Bad Brother). However, BBB is often "too important" and "busy" to deal with things and he entrusts his handy dandy sidekick who I will forever refer to as "HenchWench".

Now, I don't have him on my press list. I don't include him on client things and I don't have to. Plus, by his behavior back in the day (and by that of his HenchWench now), I'm of the opinion that he has not earned my respect and will get no more than a dial tone or my famous "Don't mess with me" side eye glare. I have always given him credit for giving me the opportunity to learn PR, but, let's be honest, namely that's due to the one person at HIS office who took an interest in a shy kid and put [me] to work - not him.

BBB really doesn't speak much except through HenchWench and HenchWench is abrasive to the core. Let me tell you a bit about HenchWench:

HenchWench really doesn't know us and, personally, I don't really care to know her.

We joke often about how she's the pitbull of the office and whines and moans about how everyone is not grateful, how we should lay our gratitude at the feet of BBB since, in her opinion, we would have never gotten to where we are without HIM. Our own work, blood, sweat, tears and determination mean nothing because, in her world, we were "nothing" without The Show and The Producer.

Hold up. Wait A Minute. Lets pump the brakes a bit now.

Let's be honest here. Speaking for myself, I pushed MYSELF to where I am today. I have noone to blame but myself if things don't work. I don't point fingers and go "but xyz project didn't work because [insert name from past] didn't help me get noticed. The same goes for many of the people from the show who have forged continued relationships with everyone and they work in entertainment, have families and enjoy success. Are you telling me that they don't deserve that success because BBB, I mean HenchWench, says so?

Recently, in addition to the get togethers, there have been a bunch of personal videos uploaded on YouTube and, as expected, BBB (or HenchWench) comes out of nowhere and pulls a temper tantrum because, clearly, if he's not making money - he's HenchWench is not happy. And, reading some of the jabber that they are trying to put on Wiki is laughable at best. To boot - HenchWench is even saying that The Show [was] among the first "Reality Shows" before the phrase "Reality Show" was coined. Oh puleaze.

That provided some good giggle factor for the day. We could sit here and give you the dirt as to what happened when, where, who, etc. - and what was done AT the set and people would be like "REALLY?" We could tell you stories of **rn Czar and a few other good stories that would make you go "Wait a minute - huh?" Yeah, real my azz. The stories are quite amusing. There was drama on the daily but seriously, it doesn't need recounting here.

If I was to follow the rules of Karma they would be getting bit in the butt by others. However, I think I want to hand Karma a bit of assistance and I'm going to put this character and HenchWench on blast. If they want to get into the nitty gritty all while holding fast to what they deem their "precious" commodity, fine. Bring it. But be prepared when there is a response from our end - and it won't be pretty.

See, it's one thing to pull the wool over our eyes when we're kids. It's a whole different matter when we're adults and can see reality.

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