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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Would You Prefer Hinged or Chained?

Well, Ty's party is next week and one of our usual suspects is yipping something about not being able to attend. Now, I think I've said before, Meowmix is a cop in the land of "Live Free or Die!" and when I do events in Philly, I normally beg, plead and whine for her to attend. See, not only do I get to catch up with my bff, but I have a bonus - security that actually backs me up. See, a successful door biatche is a gal who's got security watchin' her back in case there is some ear cockroach wearin' dude or a hot tranny mess screaming "CHECK AGAIN - I'm ON THE LIST!"

So, in light of OurBuddy threatening non-attendance, I've got one way to thwart that mess. He won't mess with Meowmix. So, a quick text to her of "Pack your cuffs, pls" was quickly returned with her brief retort "Both Pairs?"

Wait a flippin' minute - BOTH PAIRS?? SO, of course I inquire as to the "always prepared" figuring she'd make a remark about one pair work sanctioned and one pair pink furry cuffs for OurBuddy. Oh, no. Not Meowmix. Her response was: "Hinged or Chained?"

Turns out that most cops carry more than one set for reasons such as multiple suspects, a big guy (two cuffs linked together), ties for teenagers, etc. And Meowmix also remarked that the chained pair is more comfy. It's a whole side of policing that I never knew about and BR neglected to tell me. Of course BR differs with Meomix's opinion (as always) and said the multiple cuff thing is a personal preference for the cop but not all carry two pair. Those two always agree to disagree.

Either way, I can just see her asking one of her suspects, "I'm sorry but would you prefer the chained or the hinged cuffs this time?"

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