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Just Because...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back in the days of working in Western Mass, my path crossed with quite a few people. Everyone I met has touched my life in one way or another. You never know if that kid you spoke to could turn out to be the next senator. You just never know.

During the *ahem* Mark years, a group of us worked for this guy who ran Selectrocution. Basically, we would hand out initials at the door to patrons, they'd send flirty messages over a board, we got lots of DiSarrano shots with our boss. We'd have to wear initials (mine was either "SM" or "FU" - go figure. I was a rebel). It was cool times.

We had a schedule - Wednesday we were at Geraldines, Thursday - Saturday, we'd be at Annies (where BR played the Roadhouse Patrick Swayze role), Sundays we had darts at Annies (again), Monday we'd be at Lemons, Tuesdays were our day of rest. It was a tough club life, let me tell ya. And we all held down day jobs so the energy was too much. I don't think I could pull it off now with my bone creakin' self.

Well, during the Selectrocution times, even if we weren't working that night, we'd still show up and hang out (and still - hello - DiSarrano - free DiSarrano? Did I mention FREE?? Thought so). Well, many a night, if we got bored we'd jet to another club on our list and hang out. We knew the bartenders and bouncers and why pay a tab when it got comp'd, right?

Often, I would run into this local band who played at Geraldines during the week and even then, we KNEW they were going to make it. Aaron and Mike had this whole thing of "We're GOING to get a deal" mindset going and they did it. They were always down to earth, fun to kick a cocktail back with and, yes, I was a mouthy wench even then. Their rise to fame was pretty well documented - Limp Bizkit took notice of these guys who got backstage with their demo, the boys got signed and Staind hit the top of the charts.

Fame has not changed them - at all. Definitely they are some hometown boys. Check out their latest video, Believe, filmed in Springfield, Mass of all places. Much of the scenery is so familiar as that was the route I'd take on my drives to Philly when life got too crazy. Make sure to pick up their album on Aug. 19th when it drops.

Staind - Believe

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