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Friday, August 01, 2008

Meowmix Responds To The Great Cuff Debate...

Apparently she's not a fan of the furry cuff. After reading yesterday's post, she decided to respond in true Meowmix fashion - straight and to the point. No chaser.

Turns out that most cops carry more than one set for reasons such as
multiple suspects, a big guy (two cuffs linked together), ties for teenagers,
etc. And Meowmix also remarked that the chained pair is more comfy

The hinged handcuff is not as wide. Therefore, to put your arms behind your back, you have to have some flexibility. The hinged cuffs
also provide for very limited movement. Not good for your older perps, people with blood pressure problems, etc. Very good for your spry, agile perps who you can cuff in the back and they end up pulling their legs thru.

The chained cuffs
offer more mobility and give about an extra inch of play when cuffing behind their back.

For your super big guys that can barely get their arms back there, you string 'em together.

It's a whole side of policing that I never knew about and BR neglected
to tell me. Of course BR differs with Meomix's opinion (as always) and said the
multiple cuff thing is a personal preference for the cop but not all carry two
pair. Those two always agree to disagree.

BR also worked in a city with more than one officer on so there were always more sets of handcuffs. When I am on, I am the only one on.

Multiple perps means more cuffs are needed. We resort to zip ties for smaller wrists and too many perps. An underage drinking party, for example, often results in a row of zip tied kids.

Either way, I can just see her asking one of her suspects, "I'm sorry
but would you prefer the chained or the hinged cuffs this time?"

I carry the hinged cuffs on my duty belt as they are considered to be safer for us. I have the chained in my duty bag, should I need them.
And there you go folks - straight from Officer Meowmix herself. Feel free to leave questions in the comments. Perhaps I can entice her to guest blog.

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