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Just Because...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Barreling At Me Like A Freight Train...

Remember when you would stay up all night cramming for an exam. You think "I got this, no biggie. I can handle not sleeping." Well, my creaky ol' bones have screamed at me "Lys, you are NOT in college anymore. You made a BIG mistake."

This week, I've been pretty much running on empty - juggling the 9to5, some personal things and the Par-Tay. As it is, I don't really sleep well as my mind is forever racing. I'm thinking strategy, catch up, shoes, shopping, to do lists, etc. My mind is never quiet. Zen and I are non-mixy things. If I was to absolutely clear my mind, I don't know WHAT I would do.

Last night, that was it. I stayed up all night. Now, there was some umm.. distraction provided by Criminal Minds (even though I saw that ep. before - TWICE) and ummm.. the Nano, but it's my new toy. I wanted to download some TV shows for the plane. (Mad Men, Forever Knight and my fave ep. of S&TC as well as Parking Wars - shushhh - one of the show peeps is a meter boy, 'k??). Do you know how long those things take to download. Oh my heavens. Well, I went a little iTunes happy and also added some Godsmack and Staind videos. (Sully Erna. Hello? That little mug scares the ish outta me to this day. Still one of those celebs that rendered me speechless not once but twice and those that know me will testify that it takes alot for me to shut my trap. Voodoo is a hell of a song). Oh, and music - stuff I used to have but didn't after the Laptop Crash. So, yeah - instead of shoes, I have tunes. Wise investment, no?

And then, of course, Shadow has a 'friend' coming to visit her on Sunday to play "Wheeee - Lazer. I haz Lazer!" and give her some food so she won't think I'm totally a negligent mom. (And, PETA peeps, she has dry food feeder which she munches on ALL day, wet food daily due to her programmable wet food dishes, a water fountain, massive influx of cookies scattered, a tv for company, lots of catnip, toys everywhere and a brand new tablecloth to muss because, as we all know, that cat will go on a table just to rebel and piss me off -just because.) So, since someone is coming IN my house, I had to make sure it was quasi presentable which lead me to scrubbing floors at 3:00 a.m. And then there was more distraction courtesy of some show called "Black Gold" which had me totally hooked this weekend and it was Season Finale so I had to watch. And then there was packing to be had.

And packing was HORRID. HORRID HORRID HORRID. Took me hours to regroup clothes, pare down shoe choices, rethink makeup decisions, charge up the electronics needed, switch out purses and, finally, at 7:00 a.m. the suitcase was wheeled out to the door, ready for me to actually WIN my bet of Carry On Only for bags. The purse wants to kill me since it's stuffed to the gills with some more chargers, my 3:1:1 bag, makeup that didn't fit IN the suitcase (it was the makeup or the clothing steamer and since I wanted to wear my fave shirt that doesn't do well with ironing and only steaming, the steamer won), and Jen Lancaster's new book, Such A Pretty Fat - you know, if I don't want to WATCH Forever Knight or Mad Men or Parking Wars or S&TC. Fact is - my friends issued a challenge of not checking my bags, I accepted. They owe me cocktails. Done deal.

So, forgive me as I finish my last things on my "To Do" list. I'll try to log in from the hotel but my schedule this weekend is NOT making any allowances for downtime until, possibly, Monday a.m. before I zip back.

In interest of NahBlahBlah, I'm scheduling posts and promise that Meowmix and I will come up with a PART Deux to Top Ten Philly Quotes... More than likely, I'll be posting either on Sunday/Monday or via blackberry. Don't want to neglect Blog 365 or have the Blog 365 coppers lookin' for me.

Be good this weekend! I know I won't be.

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