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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What A Day...

No, I won't go into the edge of the seat, oh my holy hell, he got a RUUUUUUNNNNNN diatribe whereby my Phils played until 2:00 this a.m. in Game 3 of the World Series, spankin' the Tampa Bay Rays. I won't wax poetic about how the game almost wasn't a go due to the rain in Philly and I sat through 3 episodes of some stupid Fox show while waiting for my Phils to take this game.

I will, however, tell you the story of why you can't let me into Fresh Market on a Saturday.

See, earlier today, it all started with my burial of Mr. Wiggles' cousin who perished in my sassy Cougar last night. He had been plaguing me for 2 weeks whereby I kept saying "Dammit - I KNOW THERE IS A PALMETTO BUG IN THIS CAR!!!" but that stupid smart bug would hide. I can see why cockroaches have lasted since the dinosaur age - those things are sneaky. However, when he showed his slimy little face last night, I was ready for him and, while he hid, I went upstairs, grabbed the RAID and let him have it. Today, I "buried" him on the pavement while I aired out the car and went to get my hair cut. As my hairdresser told me she loved my new perfume, I remarked "Well, see it's Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely with a dash of residual RAID". Apparently, she's used to the Palmetto sneak attack and understood my vow of refusing to tolerate those slimy rat bastids any longer.

So, after the new sassy short cut, I decided to do a little grocery shopping. And this is where I have accepted the fact that I cannot go into Fresh Market on a Saturday. See, on Saturday, Fresh Market has little "Sample Stations" and while I went in there for Pancetta, Arugula and Milk, I walked out of there with way more than that. I tried the Apple Cider - and bought that. I tried the Sangria and almost bought that. (It was that good but I'd need a big bottle of Sangria, lots of organic fruit and some big bottle of Pinot Grigio to replicate the cocktail and my wallet threatened to jump ship if I added all that into my cart.) However, I did stop by the meat counter across from the Sangria station and wound up buying a couple pricey things. I wouldn't have stopped there if I wasn't distracted by the booze on a Saturday afternoon. Then, by the bakery section, they attempted to talk me into a Merlot tasting but I moved quick lest I get tempted by the Cannolis directly across from the bottles of Merlot and Shiraz "breathing". Then, I encountered the Pumpkin Spice coffee station and I was a goner. It was there I "misplaced" the blackberry. Yeah, apparently you can't overwhelm the sassy blond or I'll forget everything and anything.

So, when I went back into Fresh Market $56 poorer to look for the blackberry and, winking at me like a certain VP Candidate, were the bottles of Sangria begging me to just "take them home". I quickly retrieved the blackberry and vowed that I would only shop at Publix on a Saturday and never Fresh Market. Apparently, I am an easy target for impulse buys.

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