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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adventures In The Liquor Cabinet...

I have to admit, I have a pretty well stocked liquor cabinet - not necessarily for my own enjoyment but for guests when they come over. And, as I've told SL numerous times, should I move, I'm bequeathing most of it to him except for those bottles of booze that I smuggled through customs (and no, I'm not Capone but in all honesty, it was only THREE different bottles of Captain that I couldn't get in the States and a bottle of Ice Wine. Meowmix is my witness. Want a tip - go to a male custom agent, be blonde and have cleavage. Works. Every. Time.)

My friends are a diverse group - some like their Captain like Kar and yours truly. Some like their wine like JoJo, SL and a host of others. Some like their Jagermeister and Red Bull, some demand Kahlua (just in case Meowmix comes to town) and people like Les go batchit crazy for Cuervo Margaritas. I also have some different vodkas on hand, some bourbon, SoCo, DiSaranno, and other fun stuff. Soirees at my house often mean one of our buddies bartending, yours truly cookin' like a fiend and fun is to be had.

Well, I rarely have more than a drink or two at night because, well, with my Irish and Indian heritage, I'm always worried that the firewater could potentially become a habit and I'm always cautious to NEVER drink when I'm seriously upset. Mad, eeehh okay. Blowing off some steam, sure. Down right depressed, super angry, etc. - hell to the no - pass me a coffee or Diet Coke instead. And, I also tend to cook a bit so when there is liquor called for in a recipe, 9 times out of 10, I have something that will work in the Liquor Cabinet.

This week has been trying, to say the least - stuff with the day to day, stuff with the personal, PR stuff, and so on. However, I did make two recent acquisitions based on friends' recommendations and, in a spirit of adventure, decided to give them a shot.

So, without further adieu, here is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

The Good:

Castille Del Diablo Merlot... Love Love LOVE! I had originally bought a bottle for SL as thanks for him babysitting the evil one aka Shadow when I was in Philly. It was featured on by one of the best sommeliers there so I knew that if it passed her muster, well then, he'd enjoy. However, when he told me how divine it was, I HAD to get my own bottle and, just my luck, it was on sale. Let me tell you, I cracked it open early last night and it was AMAZING!!! However, there was a little somethin' wrong with the bottle neck because my normal stopper would not fit in it (and I didn't think to use the cork *LOL*) preventing me from putting the remainder in the fridge so, ummm... well I had to finish it. Couldn't let a decent bottle of wine go to waste, right? Granted it was about 3 glasses in there but that was enough for me. I was out like a light - best sleep I've had in months... (and no hangover - well, ok a slight headache but that disappeared quickly)... There will always be a bottle on hand from now on in the wine cabinet. And I'll be seeing if I can get some "adjustable stoppers" or something.

The Bad:

SL and I got into a convo about Bourbon after The Great Redneck Debate as he was explaining to me how Bourbon is a southern thing. Me being a damn Yankee, well - I'm a little slow on the uptake, ya know? Now, I don't really drink the stuff but after another co-worker telling me how amazing Makers Mark was, well, I swiped a bottle (again - great deal and I can cook with it!). Some of my other friends drink it so I figured that it would be fine for the cabinet. Well, feeling adventurous and in need of a change, your gal decided to try it over the weekend. Well, I have to report that upon first sip, I winced, cursed the heavens and started sputtering. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SWILL!!!?!?!?!?! Most liquors I can drink straight but this was downright VILE! I tried it again and, alas, had the same reaction. Not one to let good alcohol go to waste, I decided to mix it with some eggnog that I had in the house as a test for a good cocktail for the holiday soiree I will be throwing. Again with the sputter. Again with the wincing. Again with the cursing which then led to


Yup, you guessed it. That glass and it's contents went STRAIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN. SL, Rifleman and y'all can slap me upside the head for infraction of the alcohol abuse policy but hot damn that stuff is NOT for me. Guess who's getting the bottle of Makers Mark that is in my cabinet collecting dust - yup, SL.

I'll stick with my Captain, thankyouverymush!


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