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Saturday, November 22, 2008

DSL Wrasslin'...

So, after the hell that has been this week and all that has gone on, quite frankly, I don’t have TIME to sit and call a call center to fix the computer at the moment. I’ve been getting home too late and too burned out to even think about having my “Come to Jesus” session with Embarq.

I’ve researched the problem online and printed out the wireless router stuff (which, btw, NEVER works in my house probably due to some stupid reason and I manually connect). The wireless signal around these parts is weaker than Screech from Saved by the Bell trying to win a boxing match and I try to do as much as I can on my own. Y’all know that call center people and I will not get along. Its always the way – talk to me like I don’t know what I’m doing and having me go through the same actions that I have already done BEFORE I called you and insist that I do it again because you are following a template is enough to have my temper erupt quicker than a pissed off volcano.

And, while Joey@Embarq may be one of my fave people for even taking the time to research this blog and my issue, the call center itself gets a big “FAIL” by means of their prompt menu. See, I was on hold and told that it was a 20 min. wait for Internet/DSL people to get to me. Fine – speaker phone that puppy and type this post in Word is my thought while I watch Bobby Flay truss a turkey. However, to GET to this menu, one of the questions is “Internet/DSL initial set up” and then while they keep telling you that there is a hold (like I don’t know that) they tell you that “help is available via their WEBSITE”

OK – pump those brakes, what was that? Help is on the WEBSITE – a WEBSITE I can’t get to because, ohhh, I don’t know MY INTERNET DOESN’T WORK!?!?!?!?!

Yeah, I had to laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing. It’s like we know you need support and you might need the internet/dsl set up (because when it’s this bad, I have to reset the whole damn thing) but you can get help your damn self and not bother our call center and find it all by yourself on the INTERNET.

Well ain’t that somethin’…

Pray for the call center people please – I might have to curse out a wench. But I look at it this way – I pay a fortune for not only phone but internet and considering that a call 3 streets away is considered LONG DISTANCE in Florida, I think I’m going to make the call center people work a bit.

Don’t even get me started on the bad music that they play on hold. It’s like George and the Parliament funkadelic meets vintage Prince meets MUZAK. Shoot. Me. Now… I’m lookin’ for my 70s dance shoes.

I should have made a drink first.


Well, per Embarq – they think I have a faulty modem. Thankfully I didn’t have a call center based somewhere overseas but it was somewhere local. For that they get a pass. So tomorrow or Saturday, I have to go trade out my modem and, if that doesn’t work, Embarq and I tango again. I had to laugh when the tech asked me to check my connections, plug and unplug, make sure it’s in the right part of the wall, etc. etc. etc. DOH – I already did that. And, when I forewarned him that I was “blond” his response was “You think I didn’t already know that?” Not to mention, he chastised me for the beeping fire alarm and told me to put a “battery in it”. That chirp doesn’t bother me and when he can tell me how to change a battery in one of multiple fire alarms in this spot that are on 12 ft. ceilings, I’m all ears. Til then, chirp away little birdy. Chirp away. (It pisses Meowmix off too). However, I appreciated his effort and his candor. They have a good egg on their hands – even if he was a little “rough around the edges”. Works for me.

Embarq – we’ll dance again later. Of that, I’m sure.

Tis fixed. Tis working. The angels are singing. The heavens have parted and your gal has access to the internets once again. So, clue me in – what did I miss?

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