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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They Brought It Home...

The Phillies took the World Series by storm and much love to each and every player that brought home the FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP SINCE 1980!!!

God I wish I was home right now... I've been a fan since 1988, and I have never wavered in my love for this team. The Good, The Bad and the Eeeehhh - a Philly fan is a Philly fan. Granted, everyone was griping about the rain delay, conspiracy theories, drama and growling at the MLB commissioner and, to be truthful,I wasn't sure what the heck was going to happen tonight. One of my boys said "Tampa can still take it, ya know". I just looked at him like "Ummm.. highly doubtful" but I thought "Hell, we're starting the game from mid game with a tie. What the hell? If we lose, we're gonna be back in Tampa again."

All in all, I've seen MORE baseball in one month than I've seen in years and tomorrow, I'm going to be a bit discombobulated. You have to admit that Tampa played hard and played good but in the end, through the mound of guys on top of Brad Lidge and crew, the Phillies celebrated and it's mayhem.

No doubt, the City of Brotherly Love is enjoying some brotherly celebration of it's own and I'm sure the city is chaos. To quote the man who sealed the deal tonight - Brad Lidge, "This is us, this is our time right now. I don't care about that other crap - this is it right here".

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