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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ulta, It's Not Me - It's You...

I've had to learn the hard way that when it comes to choosing between Ulta and Sephora, Sephora wins every. single. time.

Ulta and Sephora both sell premium beauty products, like a well stocked CVS but stocked with all things Smashbox, Jonathan Product, Too Faced and Bare Escentuals.

Now, granted - I detest the Sephora in Orlando quite frankly because Monica, the manager at the Florida Mall Sephora is what I would deem horrid. Her sales staff is just beyond rude, couldn't care less if you had a question and gossip like hens instead of waiting on customers, except for two. There are a couple girls at the store that have redeemed it out of the seventh level of hell and know the meaning of customer service.

Going to the Florida Mall is a good 30 min. out of my way. Ulta, much like Sephora, is literally 2 minutes from my house in the Altamonte Mall. Every single time I go into Ulta, I'm disappointed - with the service, the selection and the attitude. However, tonight I needed to pick up a sample size of Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer and refused to bring my big bottle because I'm stupidly attempting the carry on challenge again. (Note: Sample Size - that sucker was $17. Sample mah azz! If it didn't make my face flawless, I'd forgo the whole thing). Do I drive 45 min out of my way to the Florida Mall and back, I thought with a groan. However, I figured "Ulta has Smashbox - I'll just drop on in there". Well, like I do before ANY trip, I start browsing the aisles, trying on this, glancing at that and lo and behold not only do I have the primer but also small speakers for the iPod, travel sizes of some shampoo and conditioner that were marked $3.95 each and a couple other things.

Now, much like Sephora, Ulta has their own club - a rewards club if you will. When they first came into the Orlando area 3 years ago, I signed up. For the past TWO years, I've been bugging them to change my address to my current one and they have NOT done it. The last trip - when I picked up the Anastasia eyebrow kit - they talked me into getting a new club card for their new and improved club. When I was talking with them, they assured me it would go right in the system. Well, I didn't have my card on me tonight but figured that it was in the system.

As I'm checking out, they ring up the shampoo/conditioner - $7.00 each. I could have gotten JONATHAN for that price (well, if they carried a full product line - which they don't). I told the girl to put that crap back. She goes "Are you sure?" I told her that I would pay that for Jonathan, not some unknown name so yes I'm sure. Put. That. Back.

Total tab was about $22 so I'm mentally cursing myself out going "You should have just gone to Sephora in Holyoke, Lys. This is stupid." but I swipe my card and ask her to look up the account. The girl goes "Lys, what is your last name" and I tell her. She asks zip code and I go to give her my current one and she reads off my current address. The manager on duty looks over and goes "Nope - that's the old account". Wait a flippin' minute. WHAT? Are you telling me that AFTER I sign up for a new club account you FINALLY CHANGE MY DAMN ADDRESS.

ULTA - That's it - we're breaking up. I cursed that manager out then and there. It was bottled up for the longest so for her to come off all snotty and act basically like Monica from Sephora, I saw red. And when I saw red - I SAW RED. I told her loudly that this is why from now on Sephora will get my business because Ulta can't get their act together. She immediately throws corporate under the bus and says that it's Ulta CORPORATE not Ulta ALTAMONTE. Ummm.. nope. They both suck. And then I schooled her on what is wrong with Ulta ALTAMONTE - starting with HER.

Needless to say, Ulta you get a big FAIL in my book and, I'm not regretting this - we're breaking up for good. Don't knock on my door any more.

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