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Just Because...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Growl, Growl; Hiss, Hiss...

Round V: Ring the bell.

In this corner: Wiggs who is, quite frankly, tired of taking Shadow's crap.

In the other corner: Shadow who thinks she still rules the house.

The casualty: Lys who tries to play referee, constantly telling Wiggs that "She's gonna kick your azz!" and looked at Shadow and said "Watch your tone!" as Shadow volleyed yet another hiss at momma's direction. [And when her hisses get vicious, Wiggs comes over as if to protect me from the evil cat. Little does he know that I have put up with this for 10 years. I'm pretty well versed in the level of Shadow crankiness).

I have to say, quite frankly, I'm seriously sick of it all.

But, funny story, the clothes that cannot be dried via dryer need to be hung in the bathroom. Well Shadow has made that her new resting ground, sitting among the various items, hiding one might think from Wiggs.

Wiggs thinks that Shadow's playing hide - and - seek and, the other day, finally barked as if to say "Bitch, please!" and chased her through the laundry. Shadow looked back as he was catchin' up to her and saw his little pug mouth open as if to nip her (like puppies play) and screamed bloody murder. The look on their faces was classic. I'm still laughing at seeing that happen.

What did I do - outside of scolding Wiggs with "Bad dog - you can't nip Shaddy!" and consoling the princess with "Shaddy, he has little puggy teeth. He can't hurt you, you big fraidy cat", I had to say that all with a straight face.

Needless to say, it's happened three more times since and now I'm just debating if I should pop some popcorn and watch the fights unfold ala Roman Gladiator style.

My money's on the dog because he's pretty daggone fed up.

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