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Just Because...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Facebook - Why Do You Tempt Me So...

You know it seems like everyone and their fam is up on Facebook. I've heard from a number of friends I haven't spoken to in ages, seen grade school pics of myself (Mat - have you seen them?!?! I'm MORTIFIED!) and just have been horrified and delighted all at the same time.

One of my close friends from, gosh, when I was 6/7 - well, she's on there and it's been cool to reconnect. There were some other friends who I hadn't talked to in ages and the memories are flooding back.

And here's where it gets interesting... for a lark I did a search to see if A. is on there - nope. He's far from computer literate -that's a given - and I didn't think he would be up on MySpace let alone Facebook. His college BFF, Bri, isn't on there either but I didn't think he would be. His wife pretty much rules the house with an iron fist and she should - he's the personification of dog (thankfully I always thought of Bri like a 4th cuz twice removed). I'm sure Bec or Meowmix have a word or three re: Bri.

Well, out of the blue a name came to me. I thought "Damn, wonder if Stad [A.'s other college shadow] is on here" and lo and behold he is. Now Stad and I got along 90% of the time. He was always trying to act like A. but not in a bad way. He was a good kid. I haven't sent him a message because, quite frankly, I don't know if I'm ready to hear what A. is up to and Stad was known to gossip worse than a woman. However, my curiosity is killin' me.

So, I ask y'all - what would you do?

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