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Saturday, January 17, 2009

On The Agenda...

This is going to be a busy weekend for the Lys household. The pug has a "Playdate" with his pug buddies from the Central Florida Pug Rescue. We're going to attempt yet another car ride - this time with him having a special seatbelt. I've learned that they call him Mr. Wiggles for a reason - he wiggles out of EVERYTHING. Car rides with him and I are never good. He wants to drive and I don't want to channel my inner Britney and let him.

Later, I'll be heading off to the Florida Mall to fondle some Loubous I have my eye on (and I am threatening to buy if a certain goal is reached but as it's work related, I can't write about it here :::sigh:::), attend a Dior event at Nordys courtesy of one of the best makeup peeps ever, oogle a copper gratin pan that I want to add to my kitchen and then it's more errands and then reorganizing the kitchen.

Tomorrow, I'm working on the Cooking in Stilettos revamp, backing up the laptop (yes, FB, I paid attention), doing a couple things I had promised to do (and lapsed on), and making some care packages to send to some peeps. If I'm up to the challenge, I'm considering another trip to the outlets.

Monday is my Sunday - chilling is on the agenda. Also, an intervention with the cat and the dog is in order. Sweet boy that he is, Wiggs tried to be friends with her yesterday and sniff her to give her a quick kiss. The princess turned into this raging, hissing monster growling bloody murder. My heart broke for Wiggs as he ran off and curled up on the couch with his toy, all sad eyed. Later, he tried to share his toy with her last night - again, she hissed. So he's trying - she's not.

What do you have scheduled this weekend?

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