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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poetic Justice...

So I get a call today from Bec, who I haven't heard from in a while. I always crack up whenever we talk because she just tells it LIKE IT IS. One of the most down to earth, straight in your face wing gals ever! Even when we go out, if a guy tells me that he wants my number and tells me he can't give me his, she'll straight up tell him: "So, you're married, live with a girl or something?" Nothing is off limits.

Anywhoo - she calls me to tell me that she just was shopping in the Wal-Hell in Northampton and, lo and behold, who works there but my ex - the azzhat Mark.

Not that it surprises me - well, let me take it back - him WORKING surprises me because last I saw him 2-3 years ago, he was living back home with his mother - again - and still drinkin' and being a hot azz mess (and NOT in a good way). Mark and I were together for a good 6+ years, and I always joke that I dodged a bullet when I didn't marry him because he was an abusive s.o.b. He never liked to work, didn't pay child support for his son (his mother did) and always had a reason why he COULDN'T work. My family couldn't stand him, my friends detested him and it took me 6+ years to buy a clue, ya know. That was one of the lowest points in my history. Looking back, I shake my head however it made me strong and less tolerant of azzhats in my future.

OK - back to the giggles. So, apparently he's working at Wal-Hell and turns out that Mr. I'm So Proud of My Long Hair (when really it was like a daggone brillo pad) has gone bald - up top but still has a long ponytail in the back, like he's still a metal head. Wait a flippin' minute - he's rockin' THAT look. Talk about a fashion DON'T!

Well, at least he doesn't have his crowning glory anymore. Not aging gracefully, apparently from Bec's laughter and amusement. Normally, I try to not get snarky but if you saw the hell this man put me through, including a window that I went headfirst through, you'd giggle too.

Don't worry - I won't be visiting Wal-Hell anytime soon. I might not be able to stave off a fit of giggles.

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