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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tell Me A Story...

There's a new job title for Lys on the horizon, that being the job of referee. While some of y'all might be sick of the Wiggs/Shadow saga, this one story begs to be told.

We've had our ups and downs - he thinks he is the pack leader which is contrary to my belief that I am the pack leader. He's always crying when I return, even if I am gone only an hour - like he thinks I am not coming back. He has a penchant for Shadow's litterbox (for the love of god, Wiggs - HIDE THE EVIDENCE!) and always hears "BAD DOG!" as I chase him out of the laundry room away from Shadow's abode.

I let them duke it out - per everyone's advice on Thursday. Well, that resulted in Shadow knocking Wiggs full across the face as she was on the back of the couch and he was on his hind legs. That right hook knocked him backwards into the coffee table as he looked up at me with blood coating his nose. OHMYGOD!!! I'm screaming bloody murder at the evil minx, trying to consol him as he's walking sideways and thinking "Wiggs has a concussion or something!" and furiously dialing my father every 15 minutes until he picked up to see if I should take Wiggs to the Doggy ER. Well, my father chided me that Wiggs has always walked sideways and since he was no longer bleeding, Doggy ER was not necessary. I did, however, wake Wiggs up every hour on the hour to check his face to make sure he was okay. Shadow was banned from cookiez for the day.

Then, of course, to make matters worse, it rained on Friday and Il Divo as I called him refused to go outside in the rain. It didn't matter that we had an umbrella, albeit a broken one but it still worked. He refused to walk in wet grass, freaked out about raindrops hitting him and just was an absolute horror. Well, that behavior wasn't going to fly.

This weekend was a few cat chasing incidents, a successful grooming with Aussie PetMobile (love Jennifer - AWESOME JOB!) and Shadow is feeling more like herself - but with shorter claws. Wiggs doesn't stink, stole a toy from Jennifer (that sly pug) and wore his bandanna proudly - the little cowpug. I figured we might be onto something...

Then, tonight, after referreing another fight as Shadow goes crashing into the dining room table, I had to take a break and think. Earlier this evening, while I took Wiggs out for his late night walk and to drop off the rent check, the sprinklers were going. I didn't pay it any attention. Then, all of a sudden, I saw Wiggs run clear across to the other side of me, away from the water towards an oncoming car. I screamed, visions of him getting hit at the forefront of my mind, swung the leash in the other direction and pulled him out of the way - towards the sprinklers. He's freaking out, I'm a hot mess and wondering what the hell is wrong with this dog - and then it hit me - he's afraid of the rain. He doesn't know sprinklers from the rain nor would he.

Wiggs hasn't told me his story yet, but other people at the rescue meet up have. See, he's been abandoned not once but twice. Technically, you could call it three times. When he was a pup, some parents bought him for a college girl to take to school during her freshman year at college. Well, who knows what he saw up there but she decided that she couldn't be bothered and left him with her parents. Her parents refused to let him in the house since they just redid the house. Their idea of taking care of him - leaving him tied up outside, rain and everything. He was finally surrendered to the Central Florida Pug Rescue and placed with Ms. Mary. She told me stories about how he had some growths on his skin, like a skin flap, due to this neglect. Then, he was placed with a couple and the couple wound up falling on hard times - and had to surrender him. I don't know much about his time with that family, just that another woman remarked that Wiggs is so much happier now than when he was brought back to the Rescue.

So tonight, I had to think that sometimes while I think he's being stubborn, he's really being protective of his own interests. He's afraid of the rain. He loves people and tries to make everyone happy so they will play with him. He licks anything and everything. He begs - and while I don't always allow him, sometimes I can't help but slip him a treat. He's pretty predictable with his walks and needs and the only thing this little guy wants is love.

And how can one not fall for him - he's pretty damn special.

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