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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Setting Goals - Stiletto Style...

Have you ever said "If XYZ happens, then I'm going to [do something]" as a sort of reward for putting up with the grief that you had to endure? Well, without going into TOO much detail, let's just say that I remarked to Kar, Meowmix and SL that if a certain situation played out a certain way, this gal was just going to bite the bullet and buy her damn Loubous. I mean, I put up with way more grief then a gal should EVER have to put up with.

Sadly, as predicted, that situation is drawn out longer than an episode/season/year of American Idol and there would be no Loubous for me. However, the universe is consoling a gal because in my ShopStyle email today (love them! Seriously love them!) I heard about a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps in my size, my style - classic, were marked down from $545 to

wait for it

wait for it


AND to boot, I could get cash back for it AND free shipping. Granted they are final sale and all but if it doesn't work out - up on Ebay they go.

One might think that apparently the Universe also feels my pain. I'm still gonna get my Loubous, but I just made a different goal for me to achieve that milestone.

Aren't these gorg? :::le sigh:::

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