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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Like Totally, OhMiGah!

People, apparently I no longer live in an "upscale apartment home community". I now live in a dorm. I thought my WNEC/DumbPath days were long ago.

While I've blogged before about the idiot golf students that live on the first floor of my building, apparently their campus now lives here. We have three recent move-ins - all college students. Not to mention the influx of students I noticed hanging out on balconies this evening, on cells in front of apartment buildings and others coming in from a hard day of classes golfing, clubs thrown casually in their sassy convertibles bearing tags from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Jersey. And while I love seeing Northern Peeps here in the south, I detest interacting with young idiots and, truth be told, I'm now surrounded by them and being held hostage.

If this is our future generation, I'm really scared.

:::sigh::: Yes, I know - I'm feelin' my age. Someone pass me a cardigan and a cane while I sit on the porch and call the Altamonte Police incessantly. Grandma here needs her sleep.

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