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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The One Where My Sanity Takes A Hit...

Sometimes I just don't know if I'm coming or going. Finally started to get the house in order and add to that my terrible two year old but really ten year old and should know better debil dog aka Wiggs, I'm about losing it.

See, when my dad is here, Wiggs is well behaved. We had a few incidents but nothing major that would make someone going "ENOUGH!" Well, when my dad left, it was game on.

This morning, as I'm trying to leave the house, my neighbors must have cracked up laughing because all they could hear is this scream coming from me "WIGGLES YOU DO NOT BITE THE CAT ON THE NECK! SHE'S NOT A PUPPY! SHE'LL WHUP YOUR AZZ!!!! DOG DO YOU HEAR ME? ARE YOU EFFIN' CRAZY??" as I'm chasing him relentlessly around the room. The cat hissed and ran; Wiggs took off after her with me following closely behind.

Then it was time for "The Face Off". *cue the Rocky theme song*

Picture the Cat hissing, back arched as she's giving ME the eye roll and blasting the dog from her perch on the chaise.

The Dog is directly below the Cat's perch, looking up at her wild eyed face and made his move towards her as if to say "Enough you wench, I've had it. You will BE my friend - this is MY house too and I'm the leader of the pack. The "Momma" - she's got no spine so conform damn cat; conform". I'm probably giving the dog too much credit as sometimes I think the cat has a bit more brain power but you could tell Wiggs was having none of the cat's nonsense that she's been dishing on the daily since he moved in.

As for the spineless, screaming like a banshee momma, well, I booted his pug behind out of the room, onto the couch and grounded him like he was a two year old. No cookies - well, until tonight when I get home. Point is - enough is enough, I say and I've had enough. These two wouldn't DARE do that with my dad in town so for them to even go this far means that they share a mutual agenda and that is to drive ME bat**** crazy.

Someone please send Morgan - my sanity is in dire need.

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