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To Quote Pretty Woman: Yo, Bloomingdales in Orlando - Big Mistake, Big BIG Mistake...

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Quote Pretty Woman: Yo, Bloomingdales in Orlando - Big Mistake, Big BIG Mistake...

I swear - shopping at Bloomingdales has gone from being enjoyable to just downright irritating. I made an excursion to the Millenia Mall this weekend to do a little "retail therapy" - on the agenda: Cole Haan shoes, a little Kooba purse fondling and, of course, the Bloomingdales Home Sale.

While entering shoes, sales person did NOT greet - as a matter of fact, the Bloomingdales sales manager looked RIGHT through me and blatantly ignored me. Eeehhh, I thought - whatever. Well, he didn't get a sale, that's for sure. Nor did his sales peeps. I just laughed it off with my father.

Head over to purses on the hunt for some Kooba bags (my fave) - sales people were just not interested in working - more like interested in chatting and engaging in a lot of "customer - we don't have any customers". No sale for them.

I laughed it off again and told my father about that line in Pretty Woman - you know where she came back to the store going "Big Mistake - Big BIG Mistake" when the salesperson decided to not make a sale. See, I wasn't dressed "up" for Millenia - dress jeans, a wrap sweater and some sneaker like shoes. Of course the bag was recognizable - as the woman in Cole Haan followed me around like I was her BFF. However, handbag wenches in Bloomingdales were not helpful at all. Fine then.

Head up to the home sale and fell in LOVE with a Le Creuset wide oval oven which is smaller, much like a braiser, and not deep like a full dutch oven. I got ahold of a sales person from Furniture who was so helpful and we hunted for it left and right. The housewares sales person - Amal - well, when she felt that she had to do her job and help us after taking all the more "dressed up" people who didn't plan on buying a thing and those that were waiting AFTER me - decided to tell me that a dutch oven is just like the braiser - same thing and I should just buy the dutch oven. Newsflash, I know my Le Creuset and that, my dear Amal, is NOT the same. What's funny is that the gal from Furniture knew more than the housewares gal, Amal, and that, of course, gave Bloomingdales the title of Guilty of Idiocy. Epic Fail. Doesn't surprise me - the Orlando Bloomindales needs a severe overhaul.

Just as well - I love giving my money to better retailers like Chefs Catalog and other worthy spots that know their product lines. As for Bloomingdales, we're not going to be BFFs ever. Especially the Bloomies in Orlando.

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