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Monday, March 30, 2009

To Wii or Not To Wii... Coupled WIth A Guilty of Idiocy...

I've been wrestling with the decision - Shoes or Wii and, if y'all know me as well as I think you do, you know that's a tough call.

Well, tonight - I bit the bullet and hustled my behind to Best Buy to pick it up. I figured I'd see if I liked the Wii first before I picked up the Wii Fit and did my research. See, when I make my mind up for a big purchase - it's not an impulse. It involves more than one trip, extensive research, in the case of shoes - some fondling action, and lots of what if scenarios playing in my head.

I originally was going to get it last week and, after I checked out, I went to pull out my USAA card and *bam* it wasn't there - I had left it on my breakfast counter in the kitchen. That's God's way of saying "Hold Up, Lys - have you REALLY thought this through?" Thankfully, I did as I had some major pet bills this week with Shadow's annual checkup and shots and their quarterly baths.

I've been through hell this past quarter and I figured that the Wii if anything would give me something to deal with the frustration of the daily and perhaps have some fun. Hell, even throw some exercise into the mix because, while Wiggs has been giving me quite the workout chasin' after his little troublemaking behind (more on that in a future post), I need something that really will push it over the edge.

So, tonight, off I went to Best Buy with the thought process of buying the Wii first - setting that up and seeing if I like it. If that worked out, then I'd pick up the Wii Fit this weekend using cash back if possible.

I walked into Best Buy and Oh.My.GOD it was like Christmas Stalkers all over the place. No matter how many times I told them I was "just looking", they came at me like a swarm of locusts. I even had this one guy go "Ma'am - if you have a question on games, I know them all - I play most of them". I felt like I was in an episode of Big Bang Theory and was about to tell one of those guys to take a hike.

I pick out a game (Cooking Mama - harder than it looks), grab the Wii and head to the check out. Then I get assaulted by this guy sellin' me HARSH on the warranty and talking to me like I'm a flippin' idiot?!?!? Ummm... newsflash bucko - I know way more than you think I do and, if there is a problem, your "quasi warranty" isn't going to help shush my mouth - thats fo' dayum sure. I have no patience for people that are stuck on stupid and this boy was stuck hard. He kept pushing and wouldn't accept NO for an answer so finally as I was ready to return everything and tell him that he can take that warranty and #*@*@*#*#, I decided to quell the evil wench inside of me and just tell him to finalize the sale - period. I had that look and he tried one last attempt and I shut it down quick. The Hard Sell = No More Sales at Best Buy. And when I say NO, I mean NO.

Damn! What part of NO did Best Buy People not understand - N or the O?

So, Best Buy lost a long term customer by a bunch of overzealous sales people at the Altamonte store. I'll be picking up any future games, etc. at any other store BUT Best Buy.

As for Wii - it took a bit but it's set up. And, since I'm taking the day off tomorrow to get the car checked out from the accident, I might have to drop by Sears to pick up the Wii Fit - because while they may stalk me, they know when not to push that button with me.

Do you Wii - and if so, any suggestions?

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