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Friday, March 27, 2009

Officer, I've Been Robbed!

Stories from Dorm Central:

Every Thursday, I have organic fruits and veggie delivered from Orlando Organics. I adore this service and I'm really pleased. I find myself looking forward to seeing what I get and making it like a challenge to use items I wouldn't normally pick up. It's up to me to leave a cooler outside my door on Thursday mornings for them to leave the goodies in. I've been really good about this for a while now.

On Thursday mornings, I get up, take the pug out for his walk and then clean out the cooler as I fill it with ice packs and leave for work. Simple - no problem with that routine.

This week, I get home and notice that in place of the cooler is an insulated bag from Orlando Organics but no cooler. What. The. HELL!?!?!

Now I left that cooler out about 8:30/8:45. They come around 11 - so that tells me that in that span of TWO hours, someone thieved the cooler. You could tell it wasn't out for trash as the ice packs were laid out nicely and there was paper towels lining it over the ice packs. Any IDIOT could tell that - trash only comes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is THURSDAY.

SO, by my powers of deduction it leaves only one alternative - one of the dorm residents decided that they needed a cooler for beer for the multiple parties that have been going on around these parts - and my money's on the idiots who vandalized the elevator, raise hell on the floor and, of course, haven't learned what life really is about.

And boy did those punks hear my thoughts as I was discussing the issue on the phone. These kids aren't paying their own rent - their parents are as confirmed by the office. These kids go to GOLF SCHOOL for cryin' out loud - GOLF SCHOOL. And I'm guessing that 90% of those idiots won't even go pro - but sure Mom & Dad - send these boys to Florida with a nice car so they can learn how to be a professional golfer like Tiger Woods. And I might have said that should they get out of line, I'm whippin' out my cane and cardigan to call the Altamonte PD as the Courtesy Officer hasn't really been able to do much and the problem is getting worse. However, should the Altamonte PD have public calls about the drama over here, well then - the complex won't like that.

For two nights we've had peace and quiet - they keep trying to say hi to me and pet my dog (I am praying that Wiggs lets his leg fly on one of them) but they have gotten the mean mug and aren't worth my time to acknowledge.

However, should they care to return the cooler - well then, I'll be back to pleasant neighbor status.

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