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Monday, July 14, 2008

In Need of a Refresher Course...

I've seemed to put aside my copy of The Secret and, after last week's debacle and every negative thing I thought about, let alone PUT OUT THERE, came to fruition, I said "ENOUGH". I had to reread the 100 Quotes from The Secret to go "Hmmmm..."

Since I was told to get my "head in the game" this weekend, I did. I didn't log into the 9to5 ONCE over the weekend. I worked on rejuvenating my spirit. I relaxed (somewhat). I cooked. I started to organize my place. I started to (with the help of a chart creation from the uber fab FB) organize my finances and I have a solid plan in place for jumpstarting my FICO score. I also put together a organizational plan for me to start my "Declutter '08" Project whereby I will start listing stuff in the next couple weeks either on EBay or a personal site - haven't figured that out yet. I even broke out the limoncello.

All of the above is really breaking down my big goal into little manageable tasks ahead. I also talked for a bit with Meowmix today which also centered me. Nothing like a telephonic slap upside the head, right?

And now, this week, I'll stop nursing my wounds and start getting down to business. Well, after I have another limoncello & lemonade.

And after I watch Bren from Flanboyant Eats tell Emeril "BAM!" tonight at 9:00.

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