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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Belated Halloween Giggles...

Thought you would enjoy Wiggy's channeling of his inner Captain Jack Sparrow during Halloween. He wasn't fond of the firefighter idea.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

We've Moved...

Don't ask - this gal got inspired and one late night later, *poof* new site. So, won't you come visit us over at Sassy In Stilettos... Kick off the Loubous and stay a while ;)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Night Out Equals Quite The People Watching Experience…

Last night, I headed out to meet up with CK and our friend LM for her birthday soiree.  One of the freestyle artists from back in the day was headlining and I figured I’d hook up with a bunch of friends who told me that they would be in attendance and have some fun.  As a sign of support, I bought a ticket as CK was promoting the event rather than call the artist directly and be put on his guest list.  See, for me to pay for a freestyle show is EXTREMELY rare – I’ve paid my dues, I still consult for PR from time to time and I’m pretty laid back about it.  I’m not  being arrogant, just truthful.

The show was $30 and before you go “Lys, what were you thinking paying $30 for a show where XYZ was performing” and I reasoned it this way:

  • Most clubs in Center City have a cover charge of $10-20
  • Parking in Center City is outrageous – add another $10 – 20
  • Bar charges are insane and in Center City you could easily run a $30+ tab just for a few drinks or sodas, plus tip.
  • Total night out, you could be looking at easily $50-100.

This $30.00 tix was for open bar, appetizers and parking was free.  Sure it was 30+ min. away but it was CK’s event therefore I’d ALWAYS show my support, regardless. 

Well, when I got there, pretty much out of our group only CK and LM were in attendance.  There was someone else from the show but I didn’t see her.  Other ones that said that they’d be there were no shows.  Really seriously disappointing but I understand that we are in a recession and they had conflicts.  They should have just been upfront about it.

Driving into the club parking lot, I knew this was going to be quite the interesting night as I took in the long parking lot that was quickly filling up.  Parked next to me, it was like a girl from East L.A. moved to the East Coast, totally chola style with the poof hair, the dark lip liner, the overly exaggerated brows and a look that would slit your throat in a heartbeat.  Her boyfriend decided to strip in the parking lot to change his shirt and it was like the premiere episode of the Biggest Loser (and I'm not being mean – just giving you a visual that I was eternally scarred with).  On the walk in, you had 3 drunk boys holding a gallon juice jug and swigging from it as they staggered into the club cat-calling at everyone, including yours truly.  Drunk boys got the sideeye from me and were told “Have a good night munchkins!”.  They got into the club and started fighting with the doorbitch that they REFUSE to pay full price.  Inside the club, as I quickly made my way to the back, I glanced around at the study in ages.  You had the older older crowd that were in the midst of a mid-life crisis, hitting on the young cubs and cubettes.  You had some much older men grinding on women on the dance floor.  You had my generation, some of which still are stuck in the 80s fashion.  You had the wanna be cast members of the Jersey Shore, all about GTL and fist pumping.  There was an explosion of aquanet everywhere and I just was in amazement.  I was praying for Clinton & Stacey to burst into the club and correct the insane amount of fashion horror that was everywhere.

One thing about me and clubs is that I will always feel like I’m working, promoting a record/artist/etc.  and, yes, I did a bit of networking.  However, I can’t stay out as long as I used to and as I was headed back to Manayunk, I wondered if someone watched me back in the day with my crew and thought the same thing about me.  However, I’m comforted in knowing that I at least wouldn’t have seriously offended Clinton & Stacey – and at least I could walk in my stilettos.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Marvelling At The Brilliance...

Man, my day has been quite the active one today...

I have been having quite the time getting Sir Wiggy up in the morning for his morning constitutionals. It's a vast difference since when he first lived with me - that boy was up at 5 or 6 a.m. ready to greet the world. Come 7:30 I'm shaking him awake gently and he's looking at me with that vacant glare like "Momma, puleaze - I iz seeps!" At 7:45, I'm shaking him again and his reply - he rolls over. At 8:00, that's it - he's got 10 minutes to run outside and pee or I am late for work. He gets up begrudgingly like how dare I wake the king from his slumber and trots out to the living room to see where the cat is. Then he remembers "OH Door is at end of hall." and he slooooooowly trots down to the doorway while I'm walking behind him going "Wiggy - you are dilly-dallying - MOVE IT!" My neighbors must think I'm nuckin' futz, I swear.

So this morning was yet another round of "Wiggy Wake Up!" and it set me behind on my schedule a bit. Fine, no Starbucks drive by would be possible as I grabbed a diet coke for the road. As I'm heading to the 9to5, my GPS tells me there is a back road that will shave 15 min. off my commute. GREAT! Not only would I be early, but that also would mean that I don't have to deal with the senile Conshohocken police officer and his sidekick dopey crossing guard who hold up traffic without fail every. single. day. [The two stooges only let one car at a time through the intersection (and it's a two lane highway - figure Car A waits while Car B goes - then the cop lets a ton of cars out from the cross street and then Car A can go while Car C has to wait - it's a NIGHTMARE) as Officer Dipstick marches through traffic looking in cars for seatbelt. offenders].

I take the shortcut and am movin' right along - 10 min. down the road, I see this HUGE sign looming in front of me that says "ROAD CLOSED."


So I make a u-turn and head back up the huge street to the main road and thankfully there was another back way in. However, still I was way behind schedule. *UGH!* "Brilliance, Lys, Sheer Friggin' Brilliance!" I griped as I mentally slapped myself upside the head ala Gibbs from NCIS.

Cutting to lunch hour, I had to run to the King of Prussia mall to Borders to pick up an updated AP Stylebook and got there in record time. YAY! I figured things were turning my way - until I decide in yet another fit of brilliance that I'd grab a coffee from Starbucks down the hall instead of going through McD's drive through when I got back near the office. That would be a wonderful plan if only the Barista knew how to multi-task. The man had 4 coffee orders and could only methodically mix one at a time while ogling some mall rat girls (Don't they have school?!?!). Well, 15 min. later for my venti iced non-fat caramel macchiato, I had to run like the wind to get into Borders and grab the book which was buried in the vast back of the store and race back to the car. UGH! Again with another mental slap to the head as I hightailed it back to work.

Seriously, these ideas of brilliant time saving have to stop or I just need the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to keep me on schedule.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Art of the Tag...

Seriously, while I love Facebook, sometimes I loathe it as well.  Case in point, today I get an email that one of my old friends, Nyk, tagged a photo of H. and I back in the day.  Not only was that photo when I was twice my size, it was one of the most unflattering pics of me as well - we're talking chins to China here.  Just absolutely horrid.  Now, since the tag shows up, you know that photo is in everyone's feed.  I never logged onto Facebook so quick in my life to remove that daggone tag. 

Could you imagine the crap that would be posted under that photo - between my family who has NO love for H. at all, my friends who really detest him and don't even get me started with A. who I've recently reconnected with thanks to Facebook.  I could only imagine his colorful language such as "Doorknob" "Loser" "Deadbeat" and so on and so on.  Seriously, there is no love remaining *LOL*  Not to mention, H.'s wife doesn't need to see that mess - it's not fair to her.  To be honest, I like her -- just can't stand him.

Thankfully Nyk deleted that photo.  The wonders of Facebook - it's not always good.

How do you handle photo tags?

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yay or Nay: Couture Pop

I keep seeing this “Couture Pop” everywhere and when I saw it was $22.00 I went “DA HELL?!?!”  Sure, it’s a cute girlie girl novelty but would you spend $22 for a bedazzled lollipop?

Celebrity Branding at it’s finest. *sigh*


(Photo courtesy of SugarFactory)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Remember that track from Will to Power – Dreamin’?  I have to say that EVERY time I hear it, I flash back to the 80s and remember days on the set, my Philly crew (when they (and I) were young, etc. etc. etc.  However, the song also reminds me of my days at Annie's when I was just out of college as well because Chris, the DJ, used to play it CONSTANTLY.

Anywhooo – onto the subject of dreams… My friends crack up at times because I will have a dream, wake up and go “Holy Crap” and not in a good way.  I often joke about it being “Indian/Irish Intuition” but I know when I have dreams about certain people in my life, often I will check on them to make sure they are okay.  It’s how I found out that EJ was in the hospital,  that A. was getting married (don’t ask!), etc. 

Yesterday, I had the WEIRDEST dream – and I don’t know if it was motivated by an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (shush – Marc Blucas reminds me of BR in the worst way) or possibly someone bringing BR up to me a few days prior, but one of the main characters was BR.  And it wasn’t good.  I can’t go into particulars but I knew that something was up and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  And BR was trying to shield me from whatever the situation was. 

Luckily, I caught BR on chat and he was fine.  He joked with me asking if he “expired” in the dream and, quite frankly, last I checked he wasn’t a gallon of milk or somethin’ (jus’ playin’ Brenn!) but I had to laugh.  I basically brushed it off and called it a day.

Well, BR has often cautioned me on jumping into things feet first but he also is one to push me to achieve my goals.  The sense of foreboding of earlier rang true when my phone rang and on the other end was MB going “OK – what is your airport now that you’ll fly out of.  You have a gig to promote.”  I protested to no avail (new possible job; the dog; what the heck am I going to WEAR?!?!?!) and I accepted the reality – I’m diving head first back into PR for a brief moment.  It’s a big project that I can’t really announce just yet but when I can, I’ll disclose to y’all first!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need To Shake Your Head…

This morning, after picking up those dreaded Girl Scout Cookies for my father, I decided to drop by Ross to see what they had in terms of kitchen goodies (not a whole heck of a lot – ehhhh).  Anywhooo, as I’m checking out, I’m asked if I wanted to donate to their charity of choice – the American Heart Association.  Hmmmm… if it was the Red Cross I would especially with the Haiti situation but right now, I didn’t think the AHA was worth it at the moment. 

Dontcha know this fuddy duddy older woman decided to interject her own two cents and tell me how corrupt Haiti was, how we’ve given them billions of dollars in aid before and now we aren’t going to help them until they prove where that money went.  Plus, she felt it wasn’t needed at the moment.


I whipped around and (sorry Mom) I know I’m supposed to respect my elders but dayum, ignorance and stupidity is not tolerated, especially around me.  I knew she was about to launch into the usual b.s. I would often hear down south and I gave her that look – you know the one where I let you know to hold your tongue and asked her with an attitude “What News Are YOU Watching – Pat Robertson?” 

The woman got all flustered and said “No, All of the news channels are reporting this”.  Hmmmm, news to me and I DO watch the news and normally this wouldn’t escape my attention.  Haiti needs our help, PERIOD!  Just seeing the images makes me want to jump on a plane and fly down there to help.

Well, I let her have it – I do not tolerate bullshit.  Plus, how could she not see that the young girl that was waiting on me spoke with a Creole or Haitian accent and was visibly upset.  I apologized to the salesgirl for my outburst to the woman grasping with senility but the fact remains, People need help. I honestly don’t give a damn about the political bullshit – HUMAN BEINGS ARE IN PAIN.  Leave the political preaching at the door and reach out to your neighbor and help, no matter how much or how little. 

Sorry, I’m jumping off my soapbox now but damn that woman got me HEATED!!!!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Obsessed With: Christian Louboutin Coral Platform Pump…

I think this pump has officially replaced my quest for Brian Atwood’s Maniac Nude Pump.  Hell, I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this Coral Platform Pump from Christian Louboutin.  Coral is one of those colors I love – not quite red, not quite pink – totally off the beaten path.

How I will score these lovelies, I’m not quite sure – but I will have those in the closet in my size before the end of the summer.  I wonder if the Saks in Philly carries these or will a trip to NYC be in a gal’s near future…

Christian Louboutin Platform Pump


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming To Bring You A Very Special Story…

I know, you are thinking “WHAT PROGRAMMING LYS?!?!?  YOU HAVEN’T POSTED HERE IN DECADES” but, I have to confess, I have been posting over HERE on the regular and I’ll be posting here at Just Because… regarding what’s been going on in the personal end of things in a hot minute but indulge me for a sec, please :)

This segment just ran on the news this morning and I wanted to share it with y’all.  As you know, CK is like one of my older brothers.  I know we’ve talked about him from time to time.    We have been friends for what seems like forever and through the ups and downs of life, the crew knows that we can always count on him for support, a helping hand and a listening ear.  Heck, when I first moved here to Philly, who was here to help unload the moving truck – CK.  He’s a good guy and this piece on Action News 6 sums it up – check it out.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

May 2010 bring you all much love, good health, prosperity and in the words of this fashionista - new Choos!



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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays....

Just taking a moment to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season ~Merry Christmas from our kitchen to yours...


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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Update On The Stupidity That Is DirecTV...

I'm one for finding a resolution - I don't want to hear excuses or the blame game b.s. Let's just fix whatever problem we're having. I tend to apply that theory to everything in my life. Sadly, DirecTV doesn't subscribe to that theory and the amount of b.s. and lip service I've heard from that company astounds me - seriously, how did I ever tolerate them for 6 years.

I gave them a drop dead deadline to hear from them by close of business last Tuesday - when did they call - Wednesday afternoon. And the email they sent me was b.s. as well - advising to call one of their 800 numbers. Seriously - are you kidding me? First problem - they don't hit a deadline and then push it off on the customer.

I went through the holiday weekend thinking "Fine - I'll deal with the situation at the beginning of the week" because I have some serious letters that need to be sent to the FTC, FCC, Better Business Bureaus & the Attorney Generals of both Florida & California. Those letters take serious thought. Also, contrary to their "yes you need to send them back/no you don't need to send them back" mixed messages re: the converters, I have to incur additional expense, labor etc in shipping these converters back to them which entails inventorying of each converter, remote, access card, etc., writing another letter to their inventory control department, cc'ing their general counsel on everything, etc. In short, a basic "Here's your ****, don't ever contact me again" breakup letter - but, of course, a bit more legally verbose.

In my theory of "Let's just be done with this", as I was in the midst of preparing the requisite cranky "Trusting My Position Is Clear" letters, I made the mistake of actually taking their call Monday afternoon.

My reaction to the b.s. on their end - are you EFFIN KIDDING ME?

This service MANAGER - Rachel - had the nerve to tell me that DirecTV does, indeed, maintain the right to keep ANY credit card their customer uses and reserves the right to charge out at will for balances due. If you currently have them, know that they have this in the super fine print.

Even better - while I was paid through Sept. 15th, I am obligated to pay through Nov. 15th because while one of their CSRs from one of their many call centers in whatever country didn't follow procedure. To drive the point home, Rachel made the comment that they will charge out my account for the full amount. Well, then you'll be dealing with USAA again. USAA is wise to the b.s. and DirecTV is on their radar - not in a good way.

For the amount of trouble I'm having to go through to cancel each and every credit card EVER used with DirecTV - seriously, I should bill them an hourly rate. Thank god USAA is handling it on my end with the dispute and, should DirecTV try to bill again, then it's on. Not to mention, those letters are going out this week to the AGs and the appropriate government agencies and their converters will be shipped back. Should ANYTHING come up on my credit report - hell hath no fury. Also, as a sidenote - to the Plaintiff's attorney that's got a federal suit pending against DirecTV, don't worry, you'll get a copy of my letter as well.

Rachel - note for future use - when your senior VP of communications forwards you a blog post and email for answering - (a) note the deadline and (b) READ THE ENTIRE BLOG FOR FOLLOW UP POSTS. See, if you had, you would have seen that Laura and I had it worked out and you just blew it right up AGAIN.

As expected, DirecTV doesn't know how to correctly follow through ANYTHING (or you would have hit the deadline by Tuesday evening). Boo on me for actually (A) taking your call; (B) giving you a chance to speak and (C) for actually believing that you, as a company, could come correct. Guess after 6 years, I really didn't know you AT all.

DirecTV - EPIC fail - seriously, I do hope that Comcast and DISH TV teach you one hell of a lesson - especially in customer retention. I'm loyal to a fault and, quite frankly, I should have left you a long time ago.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Online Shopping - Getting More Bang For The Buck...

I'm one of those gals who avoids much of the holiday chaos- namely Black Friday and the chaotic mall shoppers.  Why should I feed the frenzy when I can maximize my dollar with online sales, shopping and cash back, right?

Well, here's the refresher course for y'all along with some new finds and for the new readers - welcome, bookmark and enjoy.

First of all, here are the sites to sign up with - g'head, it should open in a new window so I'll wait for ya.

Cash Back:

Coupon Sites

Now that you are all signed up and bookmarked, here's how this works.  First thing you need to understand is that most cash back will be available 60-90 days after the purchase - to allow for returns, etc.  So, let's say you are doing your holiday shopping - well, in March, you should be getting some extra green in your wallet - just in time for St. Patty's Day and everyone is a winner.

Start off with going to EVReward to see who offers the MOST cash back - that's vital.  If you know where you are going to shop, then why not get the best deal out there, right? 

I often know the item I'm looking for - like, let's say a great pair of Elizabeth & James shoes from ShopBop.  I head to EVReward to see who's giving the most cash back on ShopBop which is, in this case, Cashbaq with 7% cash back on my purchase.  So, let's say I buy the boots I've been coveting - which are $276.  7% cash back of that will mean that come March, $19.32 will be my cash back reward.  To maximize my cash back dollar, I will also make note of any coupon codes for ShopBop through or any of the other coupon sites that have done great by me in the past. Works like a charm every. single. time.  Often you can find coupons for free shipping, etc. especially with the retailers wanting to make this holiday season their best one ever.

Here's another thing - my bff, Meowmix, often shops online via eBay.   Did you know you can get cash back for any eBay shopping?   Big Crumbs offers up to 36% cash back.  Bing! offers 10% cash back while Ebates offers 2%.  You see where I'm going with this. 

Now, for those of you buying those big ticket items from, let's say BestBuy - here's my suggestion - buy online through Bing! with 5% cash back, select the "Pick Up In Store" option and you don't even have to worry about the shipping.  Most times, it's ready in an hour or so and you don't have to deal with all the craziness.  This helps especially when you are looking for that TV, Video Game System or other high ticket item and you don't want any shipping drama but still want the maximum cash back.

Basically - most of the stores you shop online are on the cash back wagon and why shouldn't you be too? 

Now, the disclaimers - keep track of your purchases and receipt emails to make sure that you get credit for everything.  Most of the cash back companies are great with tracking, but some purchase can fall through the cracks.  Just send their customer service an email after a week or so and they'll jump right on it.  Secondly, yes there are referral links which means that both you and I are getting a Win/Win as they put a little something in your cash back stocking.

I am happy to say that after 3 years of living the cash back mantra, I can never go back to online shopping the old way.  I always make sure that I've maximized everything through cash back and coupon codes and couldn't be happier.  Heck, I've even gotten cash back for my cable installation - who the heck knew you could do that.  

So, while the holiday brings out the crazy in shopping, know that you can enjoy CyberMonday behind the computer with your coffee in one hand and the mouse in the other as you click your way to cash back happiness.  And, if you have any questions, know that I'm only an email away to help.

Happy Shopping!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More DirecTV Stupidity...

Did you know that DirecTV:

  • Retains EVERY credit card you ever used with them and will charge them out accordingly as they see fit.  (Note to self:  CANCEL EVERY CARD EVER USED!)
  • While they often will tell you that the equipment is yours, it is not.
  • If you pay for the DVR at Best Buy, it's not your equipment - it's still theirs.  Therefore, you are out $200.00.
  • You need to return the equipment after you cancel or you will be charged after the final disconnect.
  • They can send you boxes to return equipment that you will be billed for the shipment for OR you can pay for it yourself and know that it got there.  (Thankfully I was a cable wench so I will do an equipment inventory to include with it).
  • You can't dispute the charge until you START UP NEW SERVICE (boy did that situation make me laugh)
  • will often route you to an overseas call center where you will get conflicting stories about the situation.
  • When you get back into the States, you will often get a rude gal who won't note the account and will force you to lose your daggone mind asking for a manager.
  • Customer Care cannot help a gal at all - I now have to go through the Billing Dispute Department, the Office of the General Counsel and a ton of other hoops.

I'm happy to report that after 4 hours of my life that I will never get back, constant repeating of my story again, and again, and again, howls for a MANAGER v. Supervisor, etc., it took ONE LONE Supervisor, Ms. Laura, who apparently was no stranger to this mess and probably has heard it all before.  She gave me the requisite addresses and told me that there is nothing she can do - it's in the offices of the Billing Dispute department and the General Counsel.  She also is sending me a final bill - turns out I was paid up through Sept. 15th when I paid on Sept. 4th and the $141.65 should have never been billed.  No kidding Sherlock!

One bright note, USAA has been a godsend in this drama and are helping me through the ramifications.  As much as I whined about the cable install upon moving here, I could hug Comcast right now.  I am a stickler for brand loyalty and I will NEVER leave USAA and Comcast and I will be BFF from hereon out.

Monday - I have tons of letters to write to the Attorney General in Florida & California, the Better Business Bureau, the FTC and the FCC about the DirecTV drama.  DirecTV's in-house counsel's assistant will be none too pleased at the amount of paperwork coming their way.

DirecTV - we're done.  There is no Ross/Rachel break - lose my phone number, lose my name and, yes, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

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Here's the story of a girl who moved and the company who didn't cancel the gal's cable service when directed to.

Remember how I was in the midst of a massive work project right up until the move.  Well, during my very few minutes of downtime, I made all the move arrangements - canceling Electric, Telephone AND Satellite TV.  I also arranged new service of electric, gas, telephone and cable to the Philly apartment.  Now I'm a smart gal and I will toot my own horn thankyouverymuch.  However, guess what I find out when reconciling my bank accounts - DirecTV took it upon themselves to charge out $141.65 to my bank account for service up until NOVEMBER!  What the @*@*!*!*!  They "disconnected service"   Well - DOH - that should have been done in SEPTEMBER WHEN I ORDERED IT, specifically SEPTEMBER 15th! 

I call today and speak with two very competent CSRS who seem to have the right info and immediately get me over to the proper manager after holding for 23 minutes.  I'm routed to a Marie/Mae or whatever she wants to call herself and this gal has the NERVE to tell me "Well I need to see what's disputed".  HELLO - the whole effin' amount. I should have only paid a prorated amount for 11 days since my last payment on September 4th.  

So - smartazz Mae tells me "You work in law - you can send us a formal dispute correspondence to our PO Box and they can handle it from there."  First of all, yes, I do work in Law - so that means I want a signature and someone to hold liable for receiving the correspondence or a fax number.  See, when you inevitably will drop the ball again, I want someone's head.  I'm not stupid.  And then, compounding the drama, Mae snottily remarks, "Well there IS an early termination fee"  Early termination my butt!  I MOVED and I had been a DirecTV customer for over 4 years.  Hell, now that I think about it - I think it was close to 5 or 6 years.

Manager Mae turns out to SUPERVISOR Mae and clearly has a chip on her shoulder.  That chip got worse when she was told to find someone higher than her - even after angrily remarking "There's no manager available!"  Well, FIND ONE because I don't believe that Mae was the highest in the food chain on that call center floor.  Turns out I was right and, on the line comes April - a manager.  April is just as frustrated as me because DirecTV won't give them an address or fax number of the dispute idiots.  Plus their website is down so finding a legal contact is impossible.  So, after much apologizing, she and I were calmly trying to find an adequate resolution and after she put me on hold for another 7 minutes to see what she could do, I hear her come back on the line with "Ms. Lys" and then the dreaded DISCONNECT. 


So I have to call back - and start to tell my story for the 4th time and, CSRs - take note - NEVER tell a customer "I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!" because that is when I lost it - throat was ripped out at the unfortunate CSR who uttered that phrase and I told him - "FIND APRIL or a MANAGER.  Do not, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD put me back in touch with MAE!"

And, after 17 minutes, KEVIN a SUPERVISOR gets on the phone and - yet again - DISCONNECT as he's speaking. 

I finally had a come to Jesus chat with Joanne, a very sweet CSR and told her that if a manager doesn't get on the line soon, I'm about to go to the executives with this drama because DirecTV should have NEVER pulled this crap in the first place.  I know they are all about customer retention but c'mon already - I MOVED and into a COMCAST footprint.  I CANCELLED MY SERVICE.  

Again, I was put on hold and subsequently routed to a ROSE in some call center in the Philippines.  SO I had to go through the arguing AGAIN.  Even better was Rose telling me "Well, you get routed to managers all over the world".  So, the bell in my head goes off - we're dealing with outsourcing (you know how I detest companies that doe that).  And as she remarks "Well we mailed you a hard copy bill on Sept. 17th and Oct. 17th.  You know how the mail system is"  Well "ROSE", the mail system in my country - while not perfect - knows a FORWARDING ADDRESS plus I gave it to DIRECTV's girl on Sept. 4th when she tried to get me to stay with the company.  However Rose tells me that the note was only about payment and not the disconnect.  Now irate and boiling, I insisted on transferring to a manager in the states.  And, again during the transfer - you guessed it - a disconnect.  And their website is down and their office is closed now until the morning. 

However, know that in the AM, I will have a nice chat with USAA who will be made aware of this drama and a request for reversal of the charge will be put in if need be because I did NOT authorize DirecTV to use my debit card on November 16th, nor was authorization implied for ANY future use when I made a payment with said card on Sept. 4th.  And I will have a chat with the people in the DirecTV US offices when they open for the correct info as well as a hard copy of the bills.  And the legal dispute will begin because, as I was only supposed to be billed for 11 days of service, by their error and oversight, I was charged for 2 MONTHS of service.  Somehow 11 days does not equal $141.65.

Also, DirecTV - EPIC fail because for someone who always touted how great you were even during the hurricanes, your customer service - horrid.  For something so simple as a disconnect, your people couldn't even do that right. 

This fight is FAR from over...

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